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Strivectin Before & After pictures

Strivectin: Before & After contents
Send your before & after pictures & story and, if we publish them, you will be gifted with a StriVectin SD 6oz tube.

Strivectin before & after Case 4

Strivectin before treatment case 4

Strivectin -after treatment case 4

Received from: M. Julian, 32, US, January 7, 2009

Stretch marks shown here appeared 3 years ago, when I gained like 20 lbs in about 6 months, then lost 24 lbs in 3 months. Second picture is taken after 2.5 months of Strivectin combined with microdermabrasion.
Results are great, you can see the difference.

Strivectin before - during pregnancy Case 3

Strivectin before and during pregnancy - pictures Case 4

Received from: Mom, 31, August 02, 2006

This are 2 pictures: one 6 months before getting pregnant and the second one during breast-feeding (month 3). I do not have yet a picture after Strivectin, but, if you look carefully, you will see some stretch marks on my breast feeding breast. As soon as I willl not breast-feeding I will start a Strivectin treatment.

Strivectin before - after Case 2

Strivectin results pictures Case 2

Received from: Ina, 29, AT, March 25, 2006

Hello all,
I like winter, I like to sky, I like summer, I like sun. But at only 28 I found my skin already having wrinkles, and, as you can see in the top picture (i have been a little frowning there), not small wrinkles.
Bottom picture is from Dec. 2005, and shows real improvement in my skin.
During this time I was using Strivectin Eye Cream and Neutrogena creams.
Hope this will helps other girls too. Best

Strivectin Before - After Case 1

Strivectin before - after case 1

Received from: ELENA, 31, Greece, January 22, 2005

I am Elena and I am the proud mother of a 11 months boy.
During my pregnancy (and a few months before, I have to admit), I made all efforts to have an organized life, this including 3 meals/day, 9-11 sleeping hours/night and so on.
I thank God I have a healthy, beautiful baby.
3 months later after having my baby I realized I gain 19 kg (42 lbs -a. note) more then usually.
Loosing weight was not a real problem: I love to go to gym and I enjoy long walks with my baby and my husband.
After another 4 months I have ret rid of almost 17 kg, but another problem raised: long, ugly stretch marks on my hips. I noticed small stretch marks on the same area during my pregnancy, but now was different: bigger and more visible.
After having a "girl talk" with one of my friends, I decided to try Strivectin even if I have found it expensive. Simultaneously I started using olive oil (I am from Greece, where olive is universal cure).
The second picture is taken 4 months from the first one. The first picture is taken 10 days after starting the Strivectin regimen.
You can easily see stretch marks are not completely vanished, but results are visible
What annoying me are a few small stretch marks which seems to not react as good as the biggest.
As far as I am not thinking on laser therapy I found Strivectin a good remedy for stretch marks.

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